Top Tips for Perfect Pumpkin Picking

Carving pumpkins is an essential part of the Halloween experience. Equally important to this hallowed tradition is picking the pumpkin you’ll be carving. Choose one too small, and your design won’t have enough room. Too large of a pumpkin and your design will be overshadowed. These tips for perfect pumpkin picking will help you choose the perfect one for carving.

Finding the perfect pumpkin in 5 steps

  1. Just like you do when picking a watermelon, when you’re aiming for perfect pumpkin picking, you need to knock. A hollow sound means the pumpkin is ripe and ready for carving!
  2. But don’t pick an overripe pumpkin! You can check to make sure the pumpkin isn’t overripe by picking it up. If the bottom is mushy, it’s too ripe and will begin to rot.
  3. Make sure it looks nice! If you’re going for a classically carved pumpkin, choose one that is deep orange in color and isn’t bumpy or misshapen. But if you’re going for a more unique pumpkin, feel free to pick the one with bumps all over!
  4. Have an idea of what you want to carve before you get to the pumpkin patch. This way you can gauge what size pumpkin you should be picking for your creation.
  5. You want some flatness to your pumpkin of choice. First, the bottom should be flat to provide a steady surface. And a little-known tip is that finding a pumpkin with one flatter side creates a perfect carving surface.

Looking for pumpkin picking in Chelan?

Stop by Siren Song Farms to stroll their pumpkin patch and get your gourds. They’re open every Thursday – Sunday from 12:00 – 5:00 pm until October 31st for their Fall Pumpkin Fest. In addition to picking out your pumpkin, you can take tours of the farm, enjoy snacks and treats, and taste some of Siren Song Winery’s award-winning wines.

Book your fall stay in Chelan on our website or by calling 509-682-4396. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more about Chelan and to see stunning pictures of the area.

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