10 Important Hiking Tips for Beginners

Are you planning on going for a hike? Whether you’re a beginner, novice, or it’s just been a while since your last trail trek, these hiking tips will keep you safe and help you have a great time on the trails! These are 10 important hiking tips every hiker should know.

No littering

This is easily one of the most important hiking tips. When you’re on the trail, you’re a guest of nature. Treat nature kindly and always leave the trails in better shape than you found them. Don’t leave any garbage behind, and if you see garbage on the trail, pick it up to prevent an animal getting to it.

Check the weather

Don’t leave for your hike before checking the weather! Make sure you know what to expect from the day so you can dress and pack accordingly.

Pack the essentials

When it comes to hiking tips, this is the big one. The 10 essentials are what every hiker should have on their person at all times.

  • Navigation
    • Take a map and a compass with you because you can’t always rely on phone navigation systems.
  • Flashlight
    • Pack a flashlight or headlamp, as well as extra batteries, for when it gets dark.
  • Sun protection
    • Keep sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat with a wide brim in your pack. You definitely don’t want to get sunburned!
  • First aid kit
    • Bandaids, antiseptic, and other first aid essentials are important to have with you, just in case.
  • Knife and repair kit
    • In case something breaks, or a branch snags a hole in your pack, having a repair kit on hand can be very handy!
  • Fire
    • In case of emergency, keep a fire source with you, whether it is a pack of waterproof matches or a lighter.
  • Shelter
    • An emergency shelter is a great thing to have in case of emergency…but more likely in case of rain! If you get stuck in a surprise rainstorm, use the shelter to cover your head and stay dry.
  • Food
    • Always bring snacks on your hikes! Granola bars and trail mix are some tried and true favorites.
  • Water
    • Don’t even take the chance of getting dehydrated on a hike. Always pack extra water.
  • Extra clothes
    • It’s good to take a jacket with you, and depending on how high you’re hiking, light gloves and a warmer hat might be nice too!

Tell someone your location

When you’re out hiking, always make sure someone knows where you are. That way, in case of an emergency, someone will be aware of your location. Similarly, if it’s your first time on a new trail, it’s always best to hike with a buddy.

Consider level of difficulty

Another of our top 10 hiking tips is to always be aware of the trail’s difficulty level. If you’re a beginner hiker, don’t start out at the most difficult trail. Not only can this be dangerous and lead to injury, but it takes some of the fun out of the hike as well.

Dress for comfort

Hiking in a pair of comfortable boots or gym shoes? Fantastic. Hiking in your new stilettos? Not recommended. Wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move around without restriction.

Enjoy the hike

And lastly, have fun! Thanks to these hiking tips, you’re prepared and ready to take on the trail, whether it’s for a few hours or a full day. Look around and enjoy the incredible nature surrounding you! After all, that’s why you’re here.

Hiking in Chelan

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