Lake Chelan Bach Fest

Johann Sebastian Bach is widely regarded as one of the greatest composers of all time. In addition, his works are intricate and have brought grown men to tears. However, classical music is not as big as it used to be. Nowadays, the mainstream is dominated by rap, pop and country music and it can get boring. Take a musical reset by listening and enjoying the classical music at Lake Chelan Bach Fest!

Johann Sebastian Bach

Bach was a German composer and had a music style that is too complex for explanation in this blog. However, during his life, he was a director of music at multiple places and his works have stood the test of time. And, he even went to prison!

Lake Chelan Bach Fest

The Lake Chelan Bach Fest is taking place from July 7th to July 16th all around Chelan. The 41st celebration showcases over 100 musicians at 23 events over the 10 days of the festival. Musicians travel from all areas of the United States and are even housed by some kind Chelan residents. And some of the events include winery concerts, Riverwalk Pavilion Concerts and programs for kids. Above all, the Chelan community prides itself in being hospitable and putting on a large, successful event. This is important because it brings a lot of tourists and residents together to connect over classical music.

Ready to visit the Bach Fest?

Stay with us at Lakeside Lodge and Suites! We are a short distance away from the Riverwalk Pavilion and all the event sites. Plus, our complimentary breakfast is the perfect start to your full day experience at Bach Fest. And if you can’t make it to Bach Fest this year, don’t worry. Similarly, the 2023 Bach Fest kicks off on July 6th through July 15th. We would love to see you then!

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