Goat Yoga

Goat yoga? You read that correctly. And, it is as straightforward as it sounds. Take part in a session with funny, friendly goats roaming around! As you create the image of a goat standing on top of someone as they do downward facing dog, let’s dive in and explore more and learn how you can get involved in a class!


This odd practice was started by Lainey Morse on a farm in Oregon in 2016. She was going through some tough times. After a divorce and a disease diagnosis, she needed to find a way to cope. As a result, goat yoga was born! Seeing photos and videos of people doing yoga with goats went viral globally. Therefore, she ended up quitting her full time job to grow her company, Original Goat Yoga. 


Animal assisted therapy has been a new way to help people with mental health struggles. In fact, goats are actually a great animal for therapy. They are able to increase mood and dopamine levels, while also reducing blood pressure and anxiety. Their quirky personality has been compared to a mix between a dog’s and a cat’s. Affectionate like a dog, but straightforward like a cat. And, that’s just the mental benefits from the goat, and not even yoga. Yoga has been practiced for over 5,000 years and helps with strength and flexibility. The physical benefits of the yoga practice combined with the mental benefits of the goat’s presence makes goat yoga a can’t miss event!

Ready for Goat Yoga?

As Morse’s idea gained momentum, other opportunities to get involved have popped up. Feisty Mountain Goat Yoga in Orondo offers classes at wineries in the Chelan area. Click here to register for a class! After your session, come relax with us at Lakeside Lodge and Suites. Our pool and view of Lake Chelan will definitely add to your relaxation journey. 

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