Jump Into Skydive Chelan Winery Tandems

Skydive Chelan Winery Tandems takes thrills to a whole new level with this experience! Free fall over Lake Chelan on a tandem skydive and land at Tsillan Cellars. Learn all you need to know before taking to the skies and seeing Chelan’s beauty from the air.

What is Skydive Chelan?

Todd and Sonya run Skydive Chelan, and they have a combined 30+ years in the industry, 6,000 skydives, and have obtained every instructor rating possible from the United States Parachute Association. So starting their own skydive company was an easy choice. They pride themselves on their safety and customer service, providing safe and fun skydiving for beginners and experienced jumpers alike! You can view their certifications here.

Why choose Skydive Chelan Winery Tandems?

What better way to experience skydiving than surrounded by the incredible views of wineries? And by being welcomed back to the ground with a nice bottle or glass of Tsillan Cellars’ finest wines? These tandem dives are the perfect way for new skydivers to experience the thrill, but are just as fun for experienced skydivers. During the Winery Tandem experience, you’ll get to free fall over the beauty of Lake Chelan, and then enjoy a parachute glide over Tsillan Cellars’ vineyards. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy some of Tsillan’s award-winning wine once you land.

Skydive Chelan offers the only Winery Tandems in the nation, so if you’re interested in this experience, the only way you can enjoy it is in Chelan!

How can I sign up?

You can book your jump on the Skydive Chelan website here.

Visiting Chelan?

We have plenty to see and do here! See our list of our favorite summer Chelan activities here and start planning your visit. When you stay at Lakeside Lodge and Suites, you’ll be right across from the gorgeous lake and can enjoy our plentiful amenities such as complimentary breakfast and both indoor and outdoor pools and hot tubs.

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