Our Favorite Summer Lake Chelan Activities!

Summer is nearly here and with it comes all of our favorite summer Lake Chelan activities! We have activities for even the least water-friendly member of your group. With so much to do and see here in Chelan, we know you’ll want to stop by for a bit. So here are a few of our favorite activities so you can get the most out of your summer trip!


Start off your summer Lake Chelan activities by jumping in the lake! There’s nothing like a good swim through the lake to truly embrace summertime. You can get creative with it too and invent your own water games–have races, play catch, or even see who can create the best jump–the opportunities for fun are endless!

Paddle boarding

While paddle boarding might seem like the new “it” thing, it’s actually been around for a long time! Paddle boards first emerged in 18th century Polynesia, though they really caught on in the US in the 1990s. Paddle into the lake and enjoy the panoramic scenic views.

You can rent a paddle board here.


Another activity to get you on the water, there’s nothing like kayaking (or canoeing) during a Lake Chelan summer. Similar to paddle boarding, this classic activity gets you out on the water and right in the middle of those stunning views. We recommend saving this activity for days with low winds, since the narrow lake can sometimes make the winds feel more intense.

You can rent a kayak here.


Sometimes the best activity is none at all. When you need to chill, simply relax on the beach of Lake Chelan or the grassy park nearby. Bring a book or your headphones and enjoy being surrounded by some of the most beautiful nature out there. You can also bring a picnic to Lakeside park and snack while soaking up the views–and the summer rays!

Whichever summer Lake Chelan activities float your boat, there’s always plenty to do!

There’s no wrong way to enjoy the lake! During your next trip to Lake Chelan, stay right by the water. At Lakeside Lodge and Suites, you’re right across the street from the lake and our balcony rooms provide gorgeous lake views. You can book your next stay with us here.

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