Winterfest 2020: What to Expect

Winterfest is one of the largest events in Lake Chelan. Each year, people travel from all over to participate in the two weekends of fun this festival provides. Winterfest 2020 will be here soon, and here’s what you can expect during this year’s fest.

Where does Winterfest take place?

Winterfest takes place in two towns over the course of two weekends. The first weekend is held in Chelan and the second in Manson.

Over the course of the two weekends, both festivals will have activities throughout the town.

When is Winterfest 2020?

Winterfest takes place during two consecutive weekends.

Chelan Winterfest takes place: January 17-19

Manson Winterfest is the next weekend: January 24-26

What kind of activities will there be?

Winterfest 2019 was packed with festive, wintery fun, and Winterfest 2020 will be no different! At the upcoming fest, you’ll find plenty of old favorite activities, and even some new ones. Here are some of the things you can look forward to:

  • Ice slides
    • This favorite with children will be returning again to the next Winterfest! Grab a sled and slide down chutes of ice.
  • Horse carriage rides
    • Take a scenic ride through town in a horse & carriage and soak up the festivities.
  • Live entertainment
    • Take in the sounds of Winterfest throughout the weekend as various musicians grace the stage with their songs. DJs will make appearances during the fest as well.
    • Comedian Drew Barth will also be making an appearance to tickle your funny bones!
  • Grand Wine Walk
    • Everyone is welcome to participate in the Grand Wine Walk throughout Chelan. Guests 21 and over will also be able to enjoy a wine tasting during the walk.
  • Coco Crawl
    • Warm up with some hot coco during the coco crawl
  • Ice bar
    • Hit up to the ice bar during Winterfest to have cool drinks served to you in an even cooler (pun intended) way!
  • Fireworks
    • The festival isn’t complete without its annual fireworks show! You won’t want to miss this incredible pyrotechnic performance.
  • And more!
    • There’s so much more to Winterfest that we can’t cover it all in one post! Keep your eye out for more information about Winterfest 2020 on our blog as it gets closer.

What was it like last year?

Winterfest 2019 was a blast, and we know Winterfest 2020 will be too! These are just some of the pictures from last year’s events.

People gathered around a bonfire at Winterfest 2019. You can expect this again at Winterfest 2020!
The big bonfire at last year’s Winterfest!
Enjoy some drinks at the ice bar at Winterfest 2020!
Enjoy some drinks at the ice bar at Winterfest 2020!
Kids sledding down ice slides at Winterfest
Kids enjoy sledding down the ice slides
One of the ice sculptures talented artists create throughout the festival

Staying in Chelan

When you attend Winterfest, stay close to all the fun in Chelan! Lakeside Lodge and Suites welcomes all fest goers. Stay here and enjoy all of our incredible amenities, including complimentary breakfast, and relax in our comfortable rooms. You can book a stay for Winterfest 2020 here so you don’t miss out on all of the fun!

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