Stay Cool with Chelan Whitewater Rafting!

Summers in Chelan get hot! Luckily, when you stay at Lakeside Lodge and Suites, you’ll be right next to Lake Chelan, so you can easily cool off during the hot summer days. But if you want to break up your lake days with a different activity, we suggest Chelan whitewater rafting!

What is whitewater rafting?

Whitewater rafting is one of the most popular rafting sports. As with other rafting, you’ll be traveling down a river on a raft. However, whitewater rafting adds another element of fun since you’ll be rafting through rough waters, which makes your journey more fun and exciting!

Is it safe to go Chelan whitewater rafting?

Now, you might be thinking, “This sounds dangerous! Why would I go Chelan whitewater rafting?” The answer is this: if you go with the right company, you’ll be very safe. Make sure to whitewater raft with an official rafting company who has trained guides to ensure your safety.

We recommend using River Recreation for your Chelan whitewater rafting experience! First and foremost, RR is focused on your safety. In fact, they are so dedicated that their guides go through twice as much training as required by the state of Washington.

Additionally, other safety measures include:

  • In-house Rescue instructors–something most companies don’t have
  • Office staff is directly connected to on-river teams, which means details won’t get lost between office staff and guides
  • State of the art boats, river guides, and safety equipment that are routinely checked to ensure they’re all working properly

Why should I use River Recreation?

River Recreation is focused on creating a Chelan whitewater rafting experience that, while fun, is safe above all things. They have over 35 years of experience and are all expertly trained to navigate the rapids.

Also, each rider is equipped with a safety life vest to ensure their safety in the water.

Is this a family-friendly experience?

Yes! River Recreation has Chelan whitewater rafting tours for the whole family! The minimum age requirement for a tour is 5 years old. You can choose to take a more challenging whitewater rafting tour with a minimum age of 12 or 16 as well if you choose.

Ready to book a Chelan whitewater rafting expedition?

You can book on River Recreation’s website here. If you’re planning on visiting the Chelan area, stay at Lakeside Lodge and Suites and enjoy wonderful amenities, great nearby dining and activities, and of course be close to Lake Chelan!

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