Slidewaters Lake Chelan Waterpark to open World’s Largest Surf Wave

Slidewaters Waterpark has been a staple of Chelan summers for many years. Now, Slidewaters Lake Chelan park will be opening the world’s largest surf wave this summer! This will be an incredible addition to the waterpark and you won’t want to miss it!

What is the Surf Wave?

The surf wave is a deep water stationary wave pool. The Slidewaters Lake Chelan wave pool is designed by Citywave, a German company which builds stationary wave pools. This project, however, is unique.

Slidewaters Waterpark’s wave pool will not only be the first Citywave in the United States, but also the largest in the world. This wave pool will be 52.5 feet wide and 3 -5 feet deep.

Because of the Citywave’s dimensions, it can produce waves as high as 6 feet tall and be surfed with standard ocean surfboards. Guests will also be able to body surf, boogie board, stand-up paddle board, and river kayak in Citywave. This wave pool is part of Slidewaters Lake Chelan’s new surf park, Lakeside Surf. This park, thanks to the surf wave, will be open 9 months every year.

Slidewaters co-owners Burke and Robert Bordner believe this Citywave will be a great opportunity to learn to surf, develop your skills, and above all: to have fun while doing so! They also see the potential to host world-class surfing competitions and Olympic training.

When does Lakeside Surf open?

The Slidewaters owners believe Lakeside Surf will open sometime in July or August of summer 2019. The Slidewaters Waterpark itself will open on Memorial Day, so you can enjoy their park before the surf park opens.

Stay tuned for more updates about Slidewaters Lake Chelan!

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