Your Guide to a Romantic Weekend in Chelan

Enjoy a romantic Chelan weekend this February and discover all there is to do to celebrate love in Chelan! Whether you’d like to enjoy nature or delicious foods, we have you covered with these romantic weekend activities!

Leavenworth sleigh rides

What’s more romantic than a sleigh ride through the snow? With Leavenworth Sleigh Rides, you can take a private ride through the scenic forests and meadows in Leavenworth. Breakfast and dinner sleigh rides are also available if you’d like to start or end your ride with a meal.

Lady of the Lake tour

Take a day and enjoy a ride on the Lady of the Lake! Take this boat ride up to Stehekin, where you can explore nature during the 90-minute layover. Stehekin has plenty to offer, such as hiking and delicious baked goods. Then take the Lady of the Lake back to Chelan, enjoying the stunning views along the way.

Hot cider in the orchards

Cozy up by the fire outside at Rootwood Cider Company and sip a delicious cup of cider. The warmth of the fire & cider combine to ward off the chill of the outdoors and create a perfectly romantic Chelan setting! You can book your table here.

Celebrate the Month of Love

This year, Chelan’s traditional Red Wine & Chocolate weekends have been extended to cover the whole month! Now you can celebrate the Month of Love in Chelan throughout February. Celebrate this romantic Chelan tradition and indulge in artisan wines and chocolates supplied by local wineries. Stop by any of these participating wineries throughout the month to experience Chelan’s incredible wines.

How will you celebrate a romantic Chelan weekend?

Wherever your weekend takes you, make Lakeside Lodge and Suites your home base. Our balcony rooms offer sweeping views of the lake you won’t be able to get enough of! You can book your room here.

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