Lake Chelan Fishing: Best with Guides

It’s finally the season for Lake Chelan fishing! Spring means it’s time to get back out on the water and start fishing! You can make Lake Chelan fishing especially fun thanks to the many incredible guides in the Chelan area!

Lake Chelan Adventures

Lake Chelan Adventures will help you explore the unique fishing waters of Lake Chelan. Come fishing with guides Joe Heinlen and Mark Lippincott and venture out into Chelan waters!

Joe and Mark are expert guides who will enhance your fishing experience. Their knowledge of Lake Chelan makes sure you’ll be satisfied with the amount of fish you’ll catch. If you’re a beginner, they’ll help you learn the ropes. If you’re a seasoned pro, they’ll be able to guide you to the best spots.

Photo courtesy of Lake Chelan Adventures

You can find more information on their times and prices on Lake Chelan Adventures’ website here.

Heavy Hitter Guide Service

Heavy Hitter Guide Service is another great option as a guide for your Lake Chelan fishing expedition! Caine Brand runs this service, and his expertise will make sure you catch more fish than you would on your own.

With high-end gear and a friendly attitude, Caine will be able to make your fishing experience incredibly enjoyable.

Have you ever gone fishing on Lake Chelan?

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When you go fishing on Lake Chelan, you’ll not only catch fish, but you’ll also be able to see beautiful views of the lake. If you stay at Lakeside Lodge and Suites, you’ll be able to see these views from your bedroom window.

Stay lakeside and enjoy our many wonderful amenities as well as the incredible activities Chelan has to offer. Go fishing, golfing, explore dining, or simply relax by the lake!

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