Lake Chelan Apple Picking

Currently, the Lake Chelan area is known for its wine and vineyards. But, did you know that it also grows world famous apples? In fact, about 10,000 acres of land are dedicated to growing apples and other fruits. What’s more, these apples are the largest crop in the Lake Chelan Valley area and are known for their taste, shelf life, and color. Hungry yet? Read on to find out how you can participate in Lake Chelan apple picking!

Apple Picking History

Apples used to be the main crop for farmers in the Chelan Valley area. It brought many people to the Valley and was a way of life. Unfortunately, in the late 1990s the apple market crashed and lost many apple orchards. As Chelan has recovered with the addition of grapes and wineries, the apple market started growing again. Although the amount of apples has dropped since then, the quality of apples surely hasn’t. Thirty three percent of apples are still exported worldwide. Therefore, Lake Chelan Valley apples live up to their world famous billing.

Chelan Valley Farms

Again, apples have been a part of Chelan’s history for decades. And, at Chelan Valley Farms, the tradition is continued for everyone to enjoy! With U-Pick apple orchards, you taste a variety of these fresh world famous apples right from the source. Apple picking season starts around September and lasts the rest of the fall season. You will also learn more about the history of apples and the processes they have to keep the tradition alive. Also, since agriculture is such a big part of the area, pick some pumpkins there later on in the fall. U-Pick is the perfect fall activity!

Are U-Ready to Pick Apples?

Chelan Valley Farms is only 20 minutes away from Lakeside Lodge and Suites. Stay with us and take advantage of our complimentary breakfast to power your day in the orchards. Finally, don’t forget to relax by our pool after your long day of Lake Chelan apple picking. Book your stay today!

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