Geocaching: A Free, Fun Lake Chelan Activity!

Geocaching is a new trend that lets you embrace your inner adventurer! Hunt for buried treasure across the Chelan county and take part in this fun Lake Chelan activity.

What is Geocaching?

Have you ever dreamed of searching for buried treasure? Then you’d love geocaching! Geocaching is basically treasure hunting updated for the modern age, so you can go on an adventure when searching for hidden treasures. This fun Lake Chelan activity requires only a GPS and sense of adventure, so anyone can participate!

When you go geocaching, you’ll use your GPS to find “caches” hidden around the area. These little hidden buried treasures often have small tokens in them, such as trading cards, foreign coins, painted rocks, small games, matchbox cars, compasses, and more!

Just remember, if you take something, leave something behind for the next person!

Why should I try this Lake Chelan activity?

Well, the really cool thing about geocaching is that you’ll get to travel all around Chelan county while you hunt for caches. This is a free activity, so it’s a fun way to see the area. It also gets you outside, exploring nature! This Lake Chelan activity helps you embrace your inner adventurer and find little treasures in the area. Explore Chelan while on your own quest for caches!

What can I put in a geocache?

When going geocaching, you might want to bring small prizes with you in case you want to take something from the cache. If you leave something in its place, you can keep the cache active for future adventurers! But what should you leave? More importantly, what shouldn’t you?

Always keep in mind that the prizes you add to the cache should be family-friendly and appropriate for children. Often, geocaching becomes a family activity, so keep that in mind. Don’t put anything perishable into a cache, since you never know how long it will be before someone else finds it. We know it goes without saying, but don’t add anything dangerous, either.

Small tokens are the best way to go: do you have extra hot wheels cars, maybe some action figures, or some coins from China? These would be great additions to any geocache!

Will you try geocaching during your next Lake Chelan trip?

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