Chelan Harvest Season

It’s that time of the year again. Chelan harvest season is here! In Chelan, we have some of the best apples and wine grapes in the country, and this is the perfect time to enjoy them. There are also many events that take place celebrating harvest and the fall season. Read on to learn about a few of the many opportunities to enjoy Chelan harvest season.

Chelan Valley Farms

At Chelan Valley Farms, there are a couple events we wanted to highlight. But first, did you know that the Lake Chelan Valley used to be known for apples instead of wine grapes? As the shift from orchards to vineyards has been a gradual process, you can still grab some apples from Chelan Valley Farms and try our famous varieties for yourself. And while you are at the farm, check out the pumpkin patch and carve one, decorate one, or even eat one! (We enjoy our pumpkins in pie form).

Grape Stomp

Back in the early days of winemaking, grapes used to be crushed by foot. Tap into this early strategy and try this out for yourself! It is a unique process and allows you the opportunity to learn more about the whole winemaking journey as well. Since we have many wineries and vineyards, there are events throughout the year that allow you to start stomping. Be on the lookout this harvest season!

Happy Harvest Season!

As we highlight a few events for this season, there are many, many more going on throughout Chelan and the Valley area. Click here for Chelan’s event calendar and find some events that interest you. And, when you stay in Chelan, stay with us at Lakeside Lodge and Suites. Our lakefront property allows you to relax and enjoy the sunset after a long day of harvest season activities. We can’t wait to see soon!


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