2021 Policy Changes

Resort wristbands

Lakeside Lodge and Suites will be distributing rubber wristbands to all resort guests during the Summer 2021 season. We work hard to keep our property in prime condition for all of our hotel guests. In order to ensure hotel guests are using the property and amenities, wristbands must be worn. Visitors without a wristband will be asked to leave. If you have lost your wristband, please visit the front desk for a replacement. You will be subject to a $25 replacement fee.

No day guests

In order to provide the optimal experience for all of our guests, we will be discontinuing our day guest program. Only registered guests will be permitted on property and given access to our hotel amenities. Visitors without a wristband will be asked to leave.

BBQ sharing

We have several BBQ grills available on our property for guests to use. Please use these grills for cooking and then move to another area to enjoy your food. This enables more guests to use these grills.

Limited housekeeping 

Our dedicated housekeeping team will be providing a limited service to guests daily, unless the guest requests to opt-out of housekeeping. Each day, our housekeepers will take out garbage, change towels, and replace room amenities such as coffee and soap. Housekeeping may arrive any time between 9am – 12pm and the guests must leave the room during service in order to limit contact. 

Pet policy

Our pet policy states that guests may be allowed one pet (dog) per room at a fee of $15 per night. If you have more than one pet, or if your pet is an animal other than a dog, please inform the staff and we will try our best to accommodate you on an individual basis. Pets must be declared at check-in; undeclared pets are subject to a $50 fee per night. Please note that pets are not permitted to stay in rooms unaccompanied.

Max room guests 

Guests are not permitted to exceed the maximum number of guests any particular room can sleep. This policy is in place for the safety of our guests and if you need additional accommodations, please book on our website or by calling our front desk.

Loud music 

Loud music is not permitted on the hotel grounds. Music must be appropriate and be played at an appropriately low volume.

Quiet hours 

Quiet hours are observed from 10pm – 8am. We enforce these hours to benefit our guests. Failure to comply with these hours may result in termination of your stay.

Respect your neighbors 

Please be respectful to your fellow guests. We know every guest is trying to have fun and we would like to ensure all guests can enjoy their experience at Lakeside Lodge and Suites. Please use appropriate, respectful language and help us create a welcoming environment for everyone.