Photo Worthy Views Near Lake Chelan

Chelan, Washington is breathtaking, and it doesn’t take long for visitors to notice. The scenery is unparalleled; it’s a glimpse at nature untamed, untouched, yet tranquil. When you come across its vast beauty, it’s hard not to capture it in a photo. So, grab your camera, because we’re sharing venues those spectacular views with you.

Siren Song Vineyard Estate & Winery

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t hurt to have a glass of wine in hand. Combined with a magnificent sunset overlooking the mountains and the lake, this venue makes deep breathing so easy. Make sure you remember this moment, whether you take a photo on your phone or on your camera.

Pot Peak

Mentally prepare, because the trek to Pot Peak is arduous and exhausting! As you embark on the four-mile journey to the top, you’ll likely be stopping to snap multiple pictures along the way!

Stormy Mountain

Not only is this lengthy drive rather scenic, so is the 1.5-mile hike. Unlike Pot Peak, this route is suitable for the entire family – young and old. Make it to the top where you can indulge in a delicious picnic followed by a memorable family photo!

Beebe Springs Wildlife area

In this natural environment, it won’t just be the backdrop that’s captivating, it’s the wildlife. Keep an eye out for Bighorn Sheep, Deer, Beaver, Eagles, songbirds and more. Be sure to pack a set of binoculars right alongside that camera.

Little Bear Trail

Named for the precious cub spotted by ranger, Little Bear Trail offers a tantalizing combination of forest and lake views. Like so much of the surrounding areas, this path helps you relax and unwind.

Lakeside Lodge & Suites

What can we say? We’re mighty proud of our property. When you stay at Lakeside Lodge & Suites, you don’t have to travel far (just walk outside!) to find that perfectly majestic view.

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