Theater Under The Stars – The Miserable Phantom of the Op’ry

Live family comedy theater presentation of the original broad-comedy farce musical: The Miserable Phantom of the Op’ry

The broad comedy farce that answers the question “What would you get if you mashed up Les Miserable’, Phantom of the Opera and The Grand Ole Op’ry?” Our latest musical comedy mash-up parody (that we call a “Farsical”) mixes two broadway classics with country music and then adds a lot of cornball hillybilly hijinks. We know it will be nutritious as it will feature lots of ham, cheese and corn!

Country music legend Carlotta Pantene secretly plans to tear down the Knotso Grand Op’ry and build an amusement park centered around her! It’s up to escaped convict and country singer Joe Banjo, his daughter Pristine and the mysterious “Op’ry Ghost” to save the Op’ry from the wrecking ball. Music from Les Miz, Phantom and the Country genre are all parodied and skewered in this hilarious musical mash up. Audiences of all ages love it, so don’t miss it.


Jun 26 - 29 2020


8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


$19 – $24


Theater Under The Stars
204 W. Okanogan Ave. Chelan, 98816


Theater Under The Stars

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